Refund Policy

We put our sincere efforts to make our clients happy but if even after our hardest efforts you are not satisfied then you may claim refund as per the following terms.

  • The refund can only be claimed in case of visibly clear deficiency/error with the service/s provided by
  • No refund shall be paid for change in mind or mood or situation of the client and shall not be liable for the same.
  • If the request of refund has been raised after the completion of services or completion of fulfillment of order, then you shall not be eligible for refund and such refund request shall be considered invalid.
  • You shall not be eligible for refund if any delay is found from your side in submission of the required documents or information.
  • You shall not be liable for refund if after 180 days of making payment to for any services, even if such orders have not been started or initiated. shall not hold any liability for such abandoned orders. The amount against such orders shall be utilized and considered as the cost incurred by company on following up and consultancy served to you during these days.
  • If you request to exchange your original service with another service which is of less value, then the differential amount shall not be refunded, rather the same shall be kept in your store credit account which can be utilized by you for future services.
  • Such store credit shall be utilized within 365 days from the date of request for store credit. After such a period, store credit shall lapse.
  • After approval of refund from, such refund shall be granted within 30 working days from the settlement of the claim. The refund amount shall be restricted towards the professional fees and shall exclude all government fees, taxes, charges, challan payments, third party payments, payment gateways charges and vendor payments etc