Udyam/MSME Registration

Udyam/MSME Registration

Udyog Aadhar Registration will be called as Udyam Registration.

In fact, This Registration is an easy process for Start-up and MSME Companies where Relitrade Consultancy will register you as a UDYAM Company easily. Moreover, This Company registration will give you more benefits to enjoy Government Schemes.

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MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

In a developing country like India, MSME  industries are the backbone of the economy. When these industries grow, the economy of the country grows as a whole and flourishes. These industries are also known as small-scale industries or SSI’s.

Even if the Company is in the manufacturing line or the service line, registrations for both these areas can be obtained through the MSME act. This registration is not yet made mandatory by the Government but it is beneficial to get one’s business registered under this because it provides a lot of benefits in terms of taxation, setting up the business, credit facilities, loans etc.


Q.1 What is the difference between MSME and Udyam registration?
MSME registration was the old procedure of registration for MSMEs and involved additional forms namely – EM-I & EM-II registrations. Whereas, the Udyam registration is the latest process of registration for the MSMEs which require only the Aadhar & PAN for the registration.

Q.2 How much time does it take for Udyam registration?
Your Uduam registration will be completed within two business days and you will be given the Udyam certificate on your registered email ID.

Q.3 How do I change my address in MSME?
Once you register under Udyam, you cannot change the state and district details of your address. However, you can change the local address in case of relocation within the same city/ town. If you want to update your address details in the MSME certificate, you must update the MSME certificate from the official portal.

Q.4 What is the difference between Udyog aadhar and Udhyam?
Udyog Aadhar was another procedure of registration for the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. It was introduced to replace EM-I & EM-II. The unique identification number for Udyog Aadhar was known as Udyog Aadhar Memorandum. The Udyam registration is the latest procedure of registration for the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The unique identification provided for Udyam is known as the Udyam registration number.

Q.5 Can a person have 2 Udhyam registration?
No, a person cannot have more than 2 Udyam registration. A person can file for only 1 Udyam with his Aadhar. However, the other activities/ branches related to the enterprise must be mentioned under single Udyam registration.

Q.6 How can I migrate Udyog to Udyam registration?
If you want to migrate from Udyog to Udyam registration, you can re-register under the Udyam using your UAM number.

Q.7 Are UAM and MSME the same?
No, UAM & MSME are not the same. The UAM is the Udyog Aadhar Memorandum which is the unique identification for Udyog Aadhar, whereas the MSME means Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.

Q.8 Is there any Turnover Llimit for MSME?
Yes, the following are the turnover limit for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises :

  • Micro enterprises: These enterprises must have turnover below Rs. 5 crores.
  • Small enterprises: These enterprises must have turnover below 50 crores.
  • Medium enterprises: These enterprises must have turnover below Rs. 250 crore.

Q.9 What are the benefits of Udyog Aadhar?
There are various benefits of Udyog Aadhar:-

  • Collateral free loans
  • Deduction in taxes
  • Subsidy on various registrations
  • Credit facilities
  • Financial support from the government

Q.10 Who is eligible for MSME?
Those enterprises that qualify under the prescribed definition of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are eligible to apply for MSME.

Q.11 Do shops come under MSME?
Yes, the small retail/ wholesale shops also come under MSME and can get credit facilities from various financial institutions under MSME schemes.

Q.12 What is EM in MSME?
The EM is Entrepreneurs Memorandum form which had two forms namely – EM-I & EM-II which were filled up for availing the benefits from the government. The EM-I & EM-II forms were later replaced by Udyog Aadhar.

Q.13 What is the validity of the Udyam Certificate?
Udyam certificate is valid for a lifetime. Once you have applied for Udyam registration with an Aadhar you can use it for a lifetime. However, if you want to rectify the mistakes in the Udyam registration, you can update your details from the official website of Udyam registration.

Q.14 Can I apply for a loan with Udyog aadhar?
Yes, you can easily apply for a loan with your Udyog Aadhar certificate. Since the MSMEs are given the benefit of Primary Sector Lending by the government you can easily access the loans from various financial institutions without the need for collateral security and at low-interest rates.

Q.15 Do hospitals come under MSME?
Yes, Hospitals also come under MSME and can register under MSME and get the benefits of the MSME schemes

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3 Udyam Cancellation ₹ 499
4 MSME Registration ₹ 499
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