Surrender Of Din

How do I surrender my DIN number?

Form DIR-5 for Surrender of DIN

Surrender of DIN. DIN is tied to PAN or Passport number of the applicant and each person is allowed to obtain one DIN as per rules and regulations.

Procedure for Filing Form DIR-5. Any person wishing to surrender a DIN can file Form DIR-5 with the MCA.

Documents Required for Surrender of DIN.

How do you surrender din in case of death?

In case a DIN is surrendered because a person is declared as insolvent or of unsound mind, then the court order must, then the court order must be attached. In case of surrender of DIN due to death of the person, then copy of death certificate must be attached.

Can a person have more than one din?

On a PAN only single DIN can be approved. More than one DIN may be generated and approved only some illicit means like multiple PAN in name of same person. If he is using more than one DIN, it may be prime facie evidence of contravention.

Can deactivated Din be surrendered?

In case the DIN holder qualifies for both the conditions stated above as required to voluntarily surrender, and he or she does not surrender the DIN and also do not file the DIR-3 KYC form within the stipulated due date the MCA is bound by law to deactivate the DIN and a deactivated DIN cannot be filed for.

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